L’Action Nail Treatment

IMG_1089 IMG_1092


Every girl dreams of having perfect shaped, long nails! But some people’s nails are really weak and then they’ll break… Mary’s one of these unlucky people :( So she’s always trying out product who say that they’ll repair your nails, but she hadn’t bought one yet that really worked (read here what she tought of Essence Ultra Nail Repair) until now!

In Di she bought L’Action Nail Treatment. It should repair your nails, make them harder and make them grow faster.  It’s some sort of marker, so you can apply it on your nails very easily. Mary uses it once a day (sometimes twice) and it helps! The short nails she had on the pictures above turned into longer, harder and heathier nails. The only bad thing about it is that you can’t use it while you’re wearing nailpolish ofcourse…

We really love this L’Action Nail Treatment and it really works, so if you have weaker nails like Mary, you should try it!

Mary & Farah


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