You already saw the peplum shirts, skirts and dresses? They make you look tinner and they’re just so pretty! On the last sales day Farah bought this peplum top from Pimkie for only € 6! She loves it so much.


Pretty, huh?! Here are some other pretty peplum things we found for you:

This peplum top is from H&M and costs € 24,95. We love the special fabric and the girly color.

Another one from H&M and this one has a special fabric too. It costs € 29,95. It’s not a standard peplum, but that makes this one so pretty.

A peplum dress from Forever 21 that costs € 23,75. We love it, it’s looks girly and fancy.

Forever 21 has also this very chic peplum skirt for € 17,75.

And Forever 21 has for the rock chicks this leather peplum top that costs € 19,65.

Sparkle & Fade Open-Back Peplum Tank Top

In Ourban Outfitters we found this beautiful peplum top. We love it!!! It costs € 30,00.

Lolli Peplum One-Piece Swimsuit

And in Urban Outfitters we found this peplum swimsuit for € 80,00. So pretty!

Mary & Farah


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