Trends That Need To Stop


As you know we are big fans of Evelina and when we saw her video called “Trends That Need To Stop” we decided to make a post about wich trends we want to stop.

We agree with most of the things she said, except for the high-low skirts, wich we still really really love! :) So here is our list of trends we hate:

1. Uggs
We don’t know why everyone is so in love with Uggs, because we think they are absolutely not flattering. Especially the ones with prints or glitters or flashy colors. Last winter almost everyone had a pair of uggs, but we hope that this winter people will buy other kinds of boots, because they remind us of slippers.

2. Leggings


Evelina said she didn’t like graphic leggings but we don’t like leggings in general. Ok, as a child we wore leggings under skirts or dresses but come on… Legging are not pants! No matter how skinny and tall your leggs are, leggings are not pants. Same thing with jeggings. We think that they aren’t pretty and they can make you look fat, especially the ones with prints  or neon colors. Maybe they’re comfortable yes, but there are so many other comfortable pants wich are so much flattering.

3. Leopard Prints

21052013-0801-Top_4JF6585012_128_F images

And we don’t mean all leopard prints. Leopard print is a big trend again and if you wear it right it can be very beautiful and classy. You see many celebs with leopard print clothes and some of them look faboulous. So there’s nothing wrong with leopard print, just don’t make it too much, because that can look trashy…

110914153231 katy-perry_1

Sorry Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry, but you’re doing it wrong…

4. Joggings


Of course they are comfortable, but they are not stylish! If you’re jogging it’s ok to wear them but don’t wear them to school or to go shopping.

5. Baseball caps


There are girls who look good with baseball caps, but most of them don’t and there are pretty baseball caps but most of them are not.

6. Ripped Jeans

This trend is also something that can we worn right and wrong. A small rip at the knee can looks casual and tough, but jeans who are too much ripped or ripped at the wrong places (mostly if you buy a pair of jeans who are already ripped they are ripped at places where you’d never rip your old pair of jeans, like in the picture above) can look trashy.

As Evelina said too, everyone has a different style so if you don’t agree with what we wrote in this post that’s ok. Let us know what trends you think that need to stop and remember: only wear what you really feel comfortable in not just what’s in fashion! It’s important to have your own style. :)

Oh and if you didn’t see Evelina’s video, here it is:

Mary & Farah


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