Magnetic Earrings


So we’ve already told you Mary hasn’t got her ears pierced and we’ve also done a post about clip earrings.

Some people don’t like clip earrings because they hurt and some people think they’re too old-fashioned. Now clip earrings aren’t the only possibility for people without pierced ears and one of the others is magnetic earrings.

IMG_1383 IMG_1386 IMG_1384

The two pairs above come from Claire’s. There a year old or older so you won’t find the same, but Claire’s still has many cute magnetic earrings like this, so if you like these, take a look!

Now what’s better the clips or the magnetics? The first things is that if you want big earrings, you’ll have to buy clip earrings, because there are only small magnetic earrings. At the other hand, magnetic earrings don’t hurt. They’re smaller and so lighter than most clips. But thereby they can fall off. So you have to be very carefull while wearing them otherwise you’ll loose them and if you loose the little magnet on the back they’re useless…  Another advantage of clips is that you find them in almost every shop while magnetics are a little more rare. Clips usually cost a bit more, but not much and both clips and magnetics can also be worn by people who have there ears pierced. So if we count that all together that’s magnetics 2-3 clips! ;) So yay for clips!

Mary & Farah


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