Glee Look-alikes


Season 4 may be done, we still love Glee! You must love the characters they all sing ver good and as different as their personalities are, as different are their styles! Today we’ll show you how to dress up as your favorite Glee character! We didn’t have time for all the caracters, but most of them are in this post. :) Sorry if your favorite isn’t in it…

First is Artie. He’s a little nerdy and so are his clothes:
Blaine has a more vintage style:

Brittany wears many skirts, funny t-shirts and big, eyecatching jewels (when she’s not wearing her cheerleader outfit :p ):
Emma’s style is cute and very girly. She’s always wearings skirts or dresses and earrings.
R.I.P. Cory Moneith, we were big fans of you and of Finn… <3
Finn’s clothes are very basic with much grey and dark blue.

Jake’s style is a little tougher:
We’ve almost never seen Kitty without her cheerleaders uniform, but when she’s wearing other clothes, she looks even more awesome! Remember her Spice Girls outfit?

Kurt is always wearing chic and fashionable outfits.
Marley is definitely Mary’s favorite caracter! She’s new this season, but already one of the leading caracters and thereby, she dresses very nice! :D

Melissa Benoist
Quinn’s style is very cute and girly and she’s always wearing a little cross necklace.

An then we’ve gor Rachel, the star of glee! :D In the first seasons her style was a bit weird and geeky but now she wears very pretty and classy clothes.
Ryder mostly wears a funny t-shirt and a basic vest.
Sam’s style is also basic:

We hope you find this post usefull! Who’s your favorite character and do you like his/her style?

Mary & Farah


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