Party Dresses


So we went shopping together and we found this perfect gala dress and then we came up with the idea to write a post about party dresses for every kind of party. So here they are:


In Coolcat we found this gorgegeous dress that costs € 40,00. Wear it to a girls night out, a birthday party or any other not to chic party.


We went shopping in Hasselt(a city in Belgium) and there was this cute shop called Moggy’s with thousands of dresses. We found these 2 pretty dresses that both costs € 35. These dresses are perfect for cocktail party’s, tea party’s, chic beach party’s or chic birthday party’s. Don’t ever wear this to a wedding, because the bride would be jealous.


Than in New Look we saw this amazing dress for € 74,99. Maybe a little expensive, but so much worth it! You can wear it to the prom, the red carpet or a very chic party.


In Apples we found this chic dress for € 24,99. It’s perfect for the prom or the red carpet. You can wear it on very chic party’s too, but the dress from New Look is better for that.


There we found this beautiful dress to that costs € 19,99. It’s perfect for a beach party.

Mary & Farah


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