Essence Glossy Lipbalm



We’ve already tested Essence XXXL Lipgloss and we really loved it, so now we’re testing another Essence Lipgloss, the Glossy Lipbalm. Just like the other Essence Lipglosses, it smells really good. Mary’s one, Berry Sorbet gives a beautiful color, not too bright but very shiny. We think this one is more handy to aply than the XXXL Lipgloss, mostly because it’s smaller. In Kruitvat it only costs €0.99! So, the Glossy Lipbalm and the XXXL Lipgloss are equal, exept the XXXL Lipgloss is almost €1 more expenciv (but it’s also a little bigger, so maybe thats logical :p ). Ok, now the top 3 of our favorite Glossy Lipbalm colors of this season:

On the thirth place we’ve got Juicy Melon. Most of the Glossy Lipbalms are pink, but this one has a very natural color for a more nude efect.


Second place is for Pink Dragonfruit. We just love this color, it’s very bright and shiny, just perfect for summer.


And the first place is for Mary’s Berry Sorbet! It’s really a lovely color!
So, wich one do you like the most? And do you prefer the Glossy Lipbalm or the XXXL Lipgloss?

Mary & Farah


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