Chanel’s Fall-Winter Haute Couture collection



Wow, we don’t like to look forward to the fall and the winter, but in fashion we have to…

Chanel’s new collection is out! It’s the Fall-Winter Haute Couture of 2013/2014 from Karl Lagerfeld. Remember we told you Chanel was doing bad? Well, they’re doing much better! We love Chanel again! There was a show in The Grand Palais, with of course a lot of celebrities and they all liked it! Kristen Steward found the clothes very modern and she loved the authentic location. Rose Byrne loved Grand Palais too and she found it a very powerful look: the models, the location and the clothes together. Natalia Vodianova found the collection brilliant. Vanessa Paradis thought the clothes were magnificent and she found that the models looked radiant and ready to attack. Amber Anderson found that the clothes looked very glamorous, but still good to wear at daytime. Rihanna had a wonderful experience and she saw many beautiful pieces that she would love to wear.

Mary & Farah


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