Our 100th post: The Satchel


Wow, this is our 100 post! Can’t believe it! :o First we wanted to post a special post, but we didn’t know what kind post that must be… So this is just a normal post, but we do wanna thank all our followers!

The satchel, or you can call it a messenger bag too, is a big trend lately. So really a must! Perfect to buy right now in the sales! Farah bought this one yesterday in the Zara for € 15,00:


It’s not a big satchel, but Farah found this one so cute! She just had to buy it! Well, here are some other satchels we like:


This one is much bigger than Farah’s one, but still very beautiful. It’s from H&M and it costs € 19,95. You can buy it in black too, but we like the red one more. It really looks like a authentic messenger bag.

This one is from Urban Outfitters and it costs € 125,00, a little too pricy… But still very pretty! It’s very girly and cute. And this one is almost the same size as Farah’s bag, which makes it even cuter! You can buy it in yellow too, but de pink one is the prettiest.

Another one from Urban Outfitters. This one is even more expensive, it costs € 179,00. This one is big, but not as big as the one from H&M. So lets say it’s a medium.

Camel (Stone ) Camel Cut Out Satchel | 281504417 | New Look

This is a very special satchel from New Look! And it costs € 26,00. It looks very small, but it actually is very big. You can even use it for school or work!

White Pattern (White) White Floral Satchel  | 279646719 | New Look

Another one from New Look! Beautiful huh! This one costs € 24,99 and it’s a medium.

White (White) White Cut Out Mini Satchel | 280696410 | New Look

We think this one is very pretty! It’s also from New Look and costs € 14,99. You have it in pink and yellow too. It’s the same size as Farah’s one, so it’s a small satchel.

Mary & Farah


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