Must have t-shirts


There are some real populair t-shirts that you must have. Even the famous people are wearing them! Here they are:

Tumblr | via Tumblr

These Céline t-shirts are very pupulair and they’re really a must! It’s the prettiest if you wear them like this with a high waist skirt or short. But you can wear them with pants too.

matholck -

These Kenzo T-shirts are populair too and of course we love them! You can wear them with a short, pants or even a high waist skirt. We have seen in H&M, Zara and Apples a look-a-like Kenzo t-shirt too. But the real ones are the prettiest.


Jack Daniels t-shirts are a big trend this summer. So really a must!!! They are the prettiest when you wear them with shorts.

obey | via Facebook

Obey sweaters are a big trend, but the t-shirts are beginning to be populair to. We like them!

Starbucks | via Tumblr

You don’t see these Starbucks t-shirts much, but everyone loves them! And if you have one of these everyone will be jealous.

Look du jour: walk away |

These Guns N Roses t-shirts are very hot too! We love them!

Well, that where the must have t-shirts. You can’t find these pretty t-shirts much, so if you know where you can buy them please let us know!!!

Mary & Farah


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