Essence Colour ³



Today we’re going to test another nail polish! This time it’s Essense Colour ³. You’ve probably seen them before because they’re not so new and the belong to the regular Essence assortment. They’re actually the same as the Essence Circus Circus besides the name and they’ve switched the colour in the middle from black to white.

IMG_1315 IMG_1324

They’re not expensive at all, only €2.89 for two times 4 ml! That’s super cheap! And just like all the Essence nail polish it stays 3 days. It’s a little clumsy because it’s heavier than a normal nailpolish and you always have to make sure it’s closed, because you have to turn it around the whole time. But that not such a drama. :)


Mary has this pink one and one with orange and red, but because it’s such pretty weather now she felt more pink. :p


The first colour of this bottle is ‘Shopping Trip In Soho’. It’s a simple, girly shade of pink. Not very special but an every day color that will probably go with almost all your outfits. :) In the pictures above Mary’s wearing it on her little finger and middle finger.


‘Party All Night Long’ is a transparant colour, so not that pretty to wear on it’s own but over ‘Shopping Trip In Soho’ it gives your nails a deeper, shiny colour. You can see it on Mary’s other fingers.

So these double nail polishes are definitely a must have!

Mary & Farah


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