Be careful what you buy at sales!


The sales started! :D

We already told you that there were low priced t-shirts at H&M, but other things are also low priced now! But sometimes it only counts if you buy two pieces. Mary bought this sweater:


Cute huh! Sorry for the bad quality picture by the way, but Mary’s going on vacation (and het new sweater is going with her ofcourse) so she was in a bit of a rush. :) But anyway, this one costed only €15!


But as you see in the title of this post, you must really watch out if there’s nothing wrong with the clothes you buy, especially at sales, because somethimes the clothes who are left in sales are the ones with stains on it or holes in it… And ofcourse you can turn it back, because it was one of the low priced pieces… And as you see in the picture above also Mary’s sweater had holes in it. She didn’t see it in the shop (wich was a pitty, because there was another one wich was same size and same price) Luckily she could sew it and now you don’t really see in anymore. But prevention is better than cure (that’s with everything) so make sure there’s nothing wrong with your new clothes!

Mary & Farah


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