Clip Earrings


Most of the girls now have their ears pierced, but Mary hasn’t and we’re sure she’s not the only one! The reason she hasn’t is because they’re so many people who get infections and who’s ears heal up again (sometimes with earrings still in  it :s ) and she’s a little scared of having that too…

Luckily for her you don’t have to pierce your ears to wear earrings! One of the possibilites is clip earrings.

IMG_1387 IMG_1389 IMG_1388

There’s not as much choise in clip earrings as in normal earrings, but online you can find a lot of them, big ones, small ones, whatever you want. ;) But make sure you don’t choose too heavy one’s, because that can hurt after a time. Especially if it’s the first time you wear clips, you should choose smaller and lighter ones.

There are also different kind of clips. The first one is as in the pictures above, a wide metal flap and the other one is a small metal bar with a ball. We prefer the first one. It’s bigger so the pressure is spread, and you don’t feel it that much, but with the earrings who have the metal bar and the ball the pressure in consentrated at one point. Ofcourse if you choose very small and light earrings it doesn’t really matter and maybe the second one’s even better because it’s smaller and you won’t see it. If you go buy clip earrings, you should try them on (if that’s possible) to see if they don’t hurt.

Mary’s clips in the pictures above are vintage, but you can find many pretty clips in Claire’s! And maybe you can ask your mom if she haven’t got any for you, because clip earrings have been in fashion for a long time! ;)

What do you think of clip earrings?

Mary & Farah


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