Mintbarry Armcandy



Evelina’s jewelleryline is back! And it’s now called Mintbarry instead of Pinkbarry.

For the people who don’t know who Evelina is, she’s one of Mary’s favorite youtubers. She makes videos about fashion and she has some amazing DIY where she learns you to make jewellery and other things in a very easy way. So if you’ve never seen one of her video’s you should definitely check out her channel, here it is:


But now about her jewellery line! The Mintbarry bracelets are very cute and girly. They look very chic, but they’re actually very affortable.There are four different designs wich you can buy in different colors.

The first one is the original, they are very pretty and eyecatching. You’ve got them in five different colors and our favorite is the blue-green one (it’s called Mojitobarry). Mini is actually like the originals but than smaller. The thirth design is Chroma. We really love this bracelet, because it looks so chic :) The last design is Leathet Wrap. These are our favorite Mintbarry bracelets, it’s just an everyday bracelet, but still looks cute and original.

mojito_grande leather_pink_grande

Another thing we really love about Evelina’s designs is that they don’t have a regular clasp. Clasps can be pretty anoying and sometimes you spend a lot of time trying to put your bracelet on or you need someone else to do it for you. The Mintbarry bracelets have a kind of clasp that’s a lot easier, but is still secure so it won’t fall of all the time.

So you should definitely take a look at them, here is the link: And don’t forget to take a look at Evelina’s youtube video’s too :)

Mary & Farah


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