The hottest rings of this moment


We love rings, we wear them whole the time! These rings are the cutest, prettiest, hottest of this moment:

Look how cute this bunny ring from Claire’s is! And it only cost € 4,95!

2 Finger Jumbo Moustache Ring

A 2 finger moustache ring is a classic, but everyone must have one of these! This one from Claire’s costs € 4,95.

Another 2 fingers ring from Claire’s! Isn’t he perfect? And it costs € 4,95 too!

Rosy Posey Bouquet Ring

OMG, it looks like a bouquet roses! We love this ring! You can buy it in Accessorize and it costs € 13,90 .

Woody Moustache Ring

A wooden moustache ring, never seen it before but it’s so original and cute! This special ring is from Accessorize and costs € 4,90!

Smiley Face Stacking Set

What a cutties!!! You can find them in Accessorize and they cost € 7,90.

This ring from Bijou Brigitte only costs € 7,95.

Mary & Farah


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