Hot or not?


We spotted these celebrities, let’s see who’s hot and who’s not:

Selma Blair

Sorry Selma Blair, but we’re not a fan of your pink oversized dress. It makes you look fat. So it’s a NOT.

Reese Witherspoon

Definitly a HOT for Reese Witherspoon!

Rachel Bilson

We love Rachel Bilson’s outfit! Especially her cute skirt! So it’s a HOT!

Karlie Kloss

We always love the looks of the red carpet, but we’re not really a fan of Karlie Kloss her dress. So sorry, but a NOT.

Bar Rafaeli

We like Bar Rafaeli’s look, except the pants. But she deserves a HOT.

Amanda Seyfried

We think Amanda Seyfried looks very pretty in this outfit, so a HOT!

Karolina Kurkova

A HOT for Karolina Kurkova! We really love her outfit!

Harley Viera Newton

Harley Viera Newton looks so cute in her vintage outfit, a HOT for her!

Mary & Farah



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