Acne products


We’re just girls too, of course we have acne. It’s horrible, but everyone will have it one day… Some people more than others, but everyone will. We both used many products, so now we’re going to tell you which one works and which doesn’t work at all. Because it costs much money and it will be just wasted time if you buy a product that doesn’t work. Farah used one whole year every day many products and now her skin is very dried out(because the products wanna dry the pimples out), so maybe you have to buy a day cream, Farah uses this one and it really works:

It prevents a dry skin and your skin gets very soft. :) So here are the products we tried out for you:

Many people said that the Pure Active of Garnier worked, but with us it didn’t work that much. Maybe a little, but we do not recommend you this one. Only if you have a little bit acne.

We tried this one out and it doesn’t work at all! So don’t but this one…

Another one from Louis Widmer that didn’t work either.

This one doesn’t work too… It does clean your skin, but your pimples stay.

Finally one from Louis Widmer that worked! The first time Farah used this one she put a lot on her face, to much maybe, and it burned. She couldn’t sleep of the pain and she couldn’t wash it away. But her pimples were away the next day!!! So don’t apply to much of this one.

Well, another one that doesn’t work, maybe a little, but not much.

This mask from Avène doesn’t work, but it’s fun to use with a friend, but you still use normal masks(like the mask brand in this post, they don’t kill your acne, but they smell good and you’ll get a very soft skin).

This one from Eucerin doesn’t work either…

This one does prevent a little the acne, but not that much. And your skin gets really dry of this one, so you really have to use the day cream!

This one burns too… And your skin gets really dry! Some people say it works, but it doesn’t work that much.

This one just doesn’t work.

This one works! Not that much, but it does work a bit. It prevents acne and the acne you already have goes away after some days.

With this peeling from Louis Widmer your little pimples are almost all away. And it smells good too.

With this peeling from Aok all your little pimples are directly away! But it smells very, very bad. But it still is better than the one from Louis Widmer.

So, there aren’t much products that work or we just didn’t try the ones that work. ;) Well, with the products that work your pimples go away, but you always will have some pimples, they never go all away. Well some day they will. :) You can always use a fond the teint or a stick to hide your acnewith (Farah has one of these sticks and it’s very good).

Mary & Farah


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