Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss



We really love Essence make-up! It’s not expensive at all, there is much choise and mostly it’s good quality. A friend of Mary gave her for her birthday Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss (she already had a pink one, but this red one is ever cuter :p ). It’s indeed very shiny, so it’s not pretty if you use too much. It’s not sticky but it doesn’t stay very long… It smells really great! You can apply it very easy and it only cost €1.79 (in Kruitvat)! There are many different colors and this are our top 3 of the prettiest colors this season:

Our number three is 07 Big Night Out:
On number two, we’ve got 15 True Love (it’s Mary’s one from the first picture)

And our number one is… 21 Red Blossom! It’s a fancy, bright color, a little bolder than the other ones (wich are darker or more nude colors).


Wich one do you have?

Mary & Farah


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