DIY Cute Animal Purse


In Accesorize we saw a really cute bag! It’s pretty, original and an eye-catcher!

This is the cute bag!

This is the cute bag!

Unfortunately it costs €25… Maybe a little expecive for a smal bag. But not every beautiful thing has to be expensive! With an old leather handbag and some lace you can make your own cute animal bag or purse. It’s easy and it doesn’t matter if you can’t sew! Here‘s the tutorial. We immediately fell in love with the cute purse on the tutorial and the bag from Accesoirize so we decided to make our own cute animal bag!

Here it is! Isn't he cute? <3

Here it is! Isn’t he cute? <3

If you make you’re own, don’t forget to send us a picture!

Mary & Farah


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