Our blog is now 1 week old! :D We wanna thank all the followers we already have and all our faithfully readers!

Yellow, the most fashionable color at this moment! We’re gonna talk about clothes, nails, accessoires and make-up. Well, all these things in yellow! To be honest we don’t really like that color, but for clothes it’s a very beautiful color. If you look outside you’ll see yellow jackets, yellow shoes, yellow bags, … Yellow is really in fashion!

We found out that Louis Vuitton used a lot(a lot a lot) of yellow in there new collection(The spring summer 2013 collection). And then we looked in other shops and you really see much yellow in the clothes!

The only thing we really don’t like is yellow make-up… It’s a little too much. We like mild make-up. And yellow is just too intensive. So only use yellow in clothes, nails and accesoires!

First some pictures of cute stuff in yellow=

Ballerina's from Shoe Discount

Ballerina’s from Shoe Discount.

A cute hair-bow that Mary made(we'll learn you later how to mak this...).

A cute hair-bow that Mary made(we’ll learn you later how to make this…).

A yellow coat from H&M.

A yellow coat from H&M.

Here are some pretty yellow nailpolish=

Cute (yellow) accessoires=

Sunglasses from Ray Ban.

Glittery Center Jumbo Flower Hair Clip

A yellow hair clip from Claire’s.

Lichte, trendy sjaal

A simple yellow scarf from L&L.

We loved this yellow chanel bag!

Mary & Farah


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